Do you have Storm Damage?

Hail and wind damage can be devastating to your home. Your roofing, siding, windows, and gutters can get dented or even ripped off during a storm.

If you have experienced storm damage, we would be happy to assist during this confusing time. Call us for a complementary and honest inspection.

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You may have been in your home or business during a heavy wind or hailstorm. Was the wind howling and did the hail sound like someone was throwing rocks at your roof? Essentially, that is pretty close to what is happening. Hail can be the size of golf balls. Hail typically causes shingles to dent and it can leave craters in the shingles. Combined with high winds, shingles are frequently blown off. Many homeowners find shingles around their property. This type of damage cannot go unchecked. Missing shingles will destroy the integrity of the underlayment, which protects the deck and structure of your home.

Water can easily find its way and seep into your roof,
eventually managing to get inside and potentially destroy your interior. Even without these obvious signs, you may have damage and not know it! Most wind and hail damages cannot be seen from ground level and the damage frequently goes undetected to the untrained eye of a homeowner.

Give yourself some peace of mind and ask for our complementary inspection. We will provide you with knowledge you will appreciate in the long run. We are here to protect the home you live in. If you suspect you have hail or wind damage, depend on our team to provide you with comprehensive service. We're equipped to handle all of your storm-related needs.

When you need fast service, we are here. When you need high-quality replairs/replacements, we are here. When you need another explanation because you are uneasy and confused, we are here. We stand behind you and we stand behind our work. Customer satisfaction is something we always aim to achieve. Expect personal and exceptional service from all of us at Reisch Roofing & Construction.

If you are looking for a proper repair, or a full warranted roofing system, you are in the right place. Not only are you in for a unique experience, but we will also patiently answer all the questions you may have. Our family is here to help and our website is the starting point of your roofing journey.

You can review roofing samples, warranty options, even design a virtual roof right from our website.

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